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Luther Burger is an extension of Sugar Shack Donuts created by its founder, Ian Kelley.

Photos by Tanya Kelley


Sugar Shack Donuts opened in the summer of 2013 with a mission to bring hand crafted donuts and small batch coffee to Richmond city. Since then, the company has expanded throughout Virginia with great momentum. In an effort to continue to grow both as a business and a passion for Ian, Luther Burger was born.  

Luther Burger proudly serves smash burgers available beef, turkey, crab or vegan.. Each burger receives the same small batch craft treatment of the beloved donuts that put us on the map, and we are excited to share a new story with all of our guests.

In addition to smash burgers, you'll find a unique array of waffle fries, rotating beers wines. But that's about it. We believe that in order to master a craft, you can't try to master every craft. So we welcome you to join us on a donut and burger adventure, and hope we can connect soon!



  • Chesterfield, VA
  • 1931 Huguenot Rd
  • (804) 447-2664
  • Charlottesville, VA 
  • 1001 W Main St
  • (434) 995-5813





IAN KELLEY, founder

Ian is the Founder and CEO of Sugar Shack Donuts based out of Richmond, VA.  He also is the founder of a small batch coffee company Blue Sky Roasting and a partner of Pescados Seafood both operating in Midlothian, VA. Prior to Sugar Shack, Ian was a fine dining chef who ran kitchens from coast to coast. 

On the home front, Ian is a father of 3 and joyfully married to his wife Tanya. When not obsessing over food, you'll usually find Ian playing with his children or laying in a hammock enjoying the outdoors.


James henderson, operations

James is the Operations Director for Sugar Shack and Luther Burger.  He joined the Sugar Shack family in 2013 and quickly advanced through the company earning his spot among the executive team. James brings years of restaurant experience, particularly in high volume quick fire settings. He also brings valuable beverage program knowledge to the team.

Together with his significant other, he is proudly raising two boys while coaching their baseball teams. When not running restaurants or playing ball, James can often be found writing and performing new music.


michael goins, donutologist

Nobody emulates our brands more than our Donutologist Mike.  He's responsible for making sure we offer the best donuts and burgers possible. Mike boasts extensive training in pastry arts and the equipment used to make donuts. Prior to Sugar Shack, Mike worked with Martin's/Ukrop's building his culinary resume.

Mike is proudly married to his wife Amanda and they have two children. Just as he is in the restaurants, Mike shares a great obsession for culinary arts at home. He can often be found cooking, baking, or grilling with his family.